World Aids Day

Rock the ribbon this World Aids Day!

HIV can affect anyone regardless of gender, race, religion or sexuality.
You can support World AIDS Day by wearing a red ribbon, keeping yourself and others informed about HIV and treating people living with HIV with respect.



Protecting yourself and others is as simple as getting a health check-up and using protection, so if you think you have been at risk of becoming infected or just want to be sure – you can get a free home testing kit.
The earlier you get a diagnosis, the earlier you can get treatment and avoid getting seriously ill.

Are you ready to say “Rock the Ribbon with me” this World AIDS Day?

World AIDS Day

Home Testing Kit

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Free Condoms

Need condoms? You can order yours by calling  Sandwell Sexual Health Service on 0121 612 2323 or text Free Condoms to 07860 018932 and one of our sexual health team will process your order.  Once complete, you will get sent a supply of condoms to your address. More details on free condoms available here 

Need to speak to someone?

Sometimes it is easier to speak to someone who can answer your questions face to face. There’s two clinics in Sandwell where you can get get advice, information, STI tests and more. The staff are friendly, approachable and will be able to help with all your sexual health related concerns.