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Ageing Well

Ageing Well

Falls Prevention

Improving Strength and Balance for Falls Prevention – physical activity sessions for those aged 50+ to reduce the risk of injurious falls.

FallsFree4Life is aimed at preventing falls in those aged 50 and over or have mobility issues and live or are registered with a GP surgery in Sandwell. The provider, Solutions 4 Health, offer free physical activity sessions in community venues across Sandwell or home-based exercise.

For further information please see the FallsFree4Life website and the flyers below.

Health Checks

The NHS Health Check is your body’s MOT, designed to detect early signs of stroke, kidney disease, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and dementia. As we age, the risk of developing these conditions increases, making the Health Check an invaluable tool for early intervention and risk reduction.

What to Expect at Your NHS Health Check

In just 20-30 minutes, our dedicated health professionals will guide you through a comprehensive assessment. They will ask simple questions about your lifestyle and family history, measure your height and weight, check your blood pressure, and conduct a blood test using a convenient finger prick. This holistic approach allows us to evaluate your risk of heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, and diabetes.

Personalised Risk Assessment and Advice

Armed with the gathered information, our experts will provide you with a personalised risk assessment. This insight allows us to offer tailored advice on lifestyle changes to lower your risk factors. Your well-being is our priority, and our guidance is designed to empower you on your journey to a healthier life.

Booking Your NHS Health Check

If you’re eligible and don’t have a pre-existing condition, your GP will send you a letter inviting you for a complimentary check every five years. Alternatively, you can check your eligibility and book your appointment directly here. or call Randox at 0800 2545 163. The Healthy Sandwell team is also available to assist:

Online Form: Click here

Proactive Health Steps

Don’t wait for your Health Check to make positive changes!

Your health journey starts here. Embrace the power of prevention and early intervention with the NHS Health Check.
Book your appointment and take control of your wellbeing today.

Invest just 20-30 minutes of your time, and reap the rewards of added years to your life! The NHS Health Check is a gateway to a healthier, more fulfilling life, offering you the opportunity to engage with a health professional and take proactive steps towards well-being.

What to Expect During Your NHS Health Check

Your health professional will guide you through simple questions, measure your height and weight, check your blood pressure, and perform a quick finger prick test to analyze your blood. These essential measurements provide a foundation for personalized advice and strategies to reduce your risk of specific diseases and health issues.

A Conversation About Your Health

The NHS Health Check is more than just a series of measurements – it’s a chance to have a meaningful conversation about your health. Utilize this opportunity to discuss your well-being, address concerns, and receive guidance from a dedicated health care professional.

Health MOT Every 5 Years

When was the last time you had a comprehensive health check? The NHS Health Check is your health MOT, offered every five years to provide you with peace of mind and assurance about your overall health. Take advantage of this complimentary service to invest in your longevity and well-being.

Preventative Care:

Why It Matters The NHS Health Check is offered free of charge because your health is paramount. Detecting hidden health problems early allows for timely intervention, leading to a longer and healthier life. Embrace the opportunity to proactively manage your well-being and enjoy the benefits of preventative care.

It’s Completely Free! Get Yours Today.

Contact Healthy Sandwell to schedule your NHS Health Check today. This invaluable service is free of charge, emphasizing our commitment to your health and longevity.

Medication Guidance:

Medication Guidance: 
Your Well-being Comes First For some individuals, a referral to your GP may follow, offering blood pressure-lowering or cholesterol-lowering medicines. Rest assured, this step is only for a select few and is aimed at preventing serious conditions like stroke and heart disease. Your well-being is our priority.

Invest in your health today. Book your NHS Health Check and embark on a journey to a healthier, happier, and more vibrant you!

The NHS Health Check is designed for those without pre-existing heart disease, stroke, diabetes, kidney disease, or high blood pressure. Eligibility and Booking

If you fall within the 40-74 age group and meet the eligibility criteria, you can book your NHS Health Check appointment in Sandwell. To check your eligibility and schedule your session, click here or call Randox
at 0800 2545 163. Alternatively, reach out to the Healthy Sandwell team for assistance:

Over 74? Your Health Still Matters!

If you’re over the age of 74, you can proactively manage your health by requesting a check-up with your GP or nurse. This allows you to discuss any concerns or questions you may have about your well-being, ensuring that your health needs are met even beyond the NHS Health Check age range.

Received a Letter? Decode Your Invitation!

If you’ve received a letter, congratulations! Your local GP invites you for a free NHS Health Check every five years. However, if you wish to access the service at a different time, our specialized Health Check teams are ready to assist. Simply fill out the NHS Health Check form and secure your appointment today.

Managing Existing Conditions

If you have high blood pressure or an existing condition such as heart disease or kidney disease, it’s essential to continue seeing your doctor for ongoing care. The NHS Health Check is tailored for those not currently under the care of a doctor for these specific conditions, ensuring that the service reaches those who need it most.

Your journey to better health begins with the NHS Health Check. Whether you’re eligible for a routine check or seeking proactive care beyond the age of 74, we are here to support you on your path to a healthier and happier life. Book your appointment, take charge of your well-being, and embark on a journey towards wellness today.

Congratulations on completing your NHS Health Check! This crucial step toward proactive health management provides you with valuable insights, allowing you to take charge of your well-being. Here’s what to expect and how to leverage your results for a healthier future.

Understanding Your Results

During your appointment with a healthcare professional, you’ll learn about your risk level for heart or circulation problems
over the next 10 years:

No matter your risk level, this is an opportunity to engage in a meaningful discussion with your healthcare professional about
improving your scores and enhancing your overall health.

Personalized Breakdown

Your results will be broken down into different areas, including alcohol intake and diabetes risk. The NHS website offers detailed information about each score, empowering you with knowledge about your health status.

Empowerment Through Local Support

Your journey to better health doesn’t end with the results; it’s just the beginning. Your healthcare professional can guide you to local support services that address lifestyle factors affecting your blood pressure or cholesterol levels. These may include:

Utilize Online Tools for Better Health

Explore a range of online tools and technology available through NHS Better Health. These resources are designed to help you take actionable steps based on your results, making positive lifestyle changes more accessible than ever.

Share Your Success

Have you had a positive experience following your Health Check results? We want to hear your story! Contact Healthy Sandwell and inspire others with your journey toward improved health.
Your NHS Health Check results are more than just numbers – they are your roadmap to wellness. Seize the opportunity to make informed decisions about your health and embark on a journey to a healthier, happier you.

Healthy Ageing App

In March 2022, Sandwell Council Public Health and Health Fabric joined forces to launch the Healthy Ageing App project. This project emerged as a response to reducing health inequalities in Sandwell, with the use of the UNITY app creating multi-lingual self-care content focusing on mental health and wellbeing and long-term conditions. By downloading the app, Sandwell residents can create their own self-care support system with access to information on several conditions in various community languages. They can also record and leave voice messages for family and carers providing updates on their self-care practices, medication etc. For further information please visit the Health Fabric website.

Anticipatory Care Grant

The Anticipatory Care Grant project is aimed at proactive healthcare and support for people of all ages living with frailty, multiple long-term conditions and/or complex needs to help them stay independent and healthy for as long as possible at home, in the place they call home or in their local community.  The grant programme is being led by SCVO on behalf of the Sandwell Health and Care Partnership testing original approaches to help to reduce the need for people to use health care services.  The programme focuses on projects that address wellbeing through good nutrition and regular exercise, as well as respite and mental health support for local caregivers. For further information, please visit the SCVO website.

Sandwell Health Inequalities
Programme (SHIP)

The Sandwell Health Inequalities Programme (SHIP) is a 3-year grant funded programme (2022-2025) aimed at tackling health inequalities in Sandwell. The programme supports people with their mental wellbeing and helps them prevent and manage long-term health conditions. It is being delivered by Sandwell Consortium CIC (Community Interest Company) and its’ 11 community partners, all of whom are based in the neighbourhoods and communities of Sandwell where residents experience some of the worst health outcomes. The activities on offer range from awareness sessions, exercise classes, community swimming groups, football sessions for adults and young people and groups to support mental wellbeing. For further information, please see Sandwell Consortium.


Death and dying are an inevitable part of all our lives and many of us will be affected by the death of people close to us. In Sandwell, we have established an End of Life Care Health Equity & Compassionate Communities strategic group who aim to encourage conversations and raise awareness around death & dying. The group are working collaboratively to deliver on the six promises of the Sandwell Better Endings End of Life Care Strategy 2021-2026

Information you may find useful

Sandwell Council offers Bereavement Services at Sandwell Valley Crematorium. Their staff have many years of experience in bereavement services and are there to provide advice and guidance to families on a wide range of bereavement issues.

What you can do if you need other extra support

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