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New to Sandwell

New to Sandwell

New to Sandwell

Brushstrokes Community Project

We provide funding to Brushstrokes to deliver community-based activities and advice to several types of migrants in Sandwell.  Brushstrokes can help with a range of needs for new communities such as:

For more information, please see the website




235 High Street, Smethwick, B66 3NJ.

Opening times

Monday to Friday 9am – 3pm.

Want to learn or improve your English?

You can access English language lessons through the Sandwell Language Network.

 Free advice on issues such as benefits, debt, housing, immigration, and employment:

Sandwell Advice Providers Network is a group of organisations in Sandwell who can offer free advice on issues such as benefits, debt, housing, immigration, and employment. For a full list of organisations who are part of the network, please visit the Route2Wellbeing website.

Resources for New Arrivals or if English is not your first language

It’s important that we look after our mental health and wellbeing the same way we do with our physical health. If you hurt yourself physically, there would be things you could do to make yourself feel better. Say you sprained your ankle – you can rest it and take weight off it. The same is true for your mental health. If you notice changes to your mental health and wellbeing, there are things you can do to improve how you feel. The earlier you recognise changes to how you’re feeling or behaving, and begin to take steps to improve things, the less likely these will get worse. This guide has been created to help you to choose well to support your mental health and wellbeing. Carers, friends and families can also use this guide to look out for those close to them and direct them to the right support. It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with this so you know what to do in different situations.

Doctors of the World has created the below document to try to help people cope with challenging times. The document contains a selection of things you can do to keep yourself well and some useful ways to get support if you are finding it hard. The document has been translated into 36 languages and are available on their website:

Other useful services and activities

For information about family services
please visit Sandwell Family Hubs.

If you are over the age of 50 or carer for
an older friend or relative, please visit.

If you would like to do more physical
activity, sport, or exercise, please visit.

For other activities and organisations in
the community, please visit Route2Wellbeing.

To find a place of worship, please visit.
Faith Groups in Sandwell.

European's Welfare Association


European’s Welfare Association Community Interest Company (EWA CIC).

Service Type

Advice & Guidance in all matters related to immigration, education, health, employment, and housing (Project Immune); ESOL, Supplementary school provision for Polish, Romanian, Arabic and Ukrainian communities, Third Party reporting Centre for Hate Crime.

Who is the service for?

Eastern European and other Migrant Communities living in Black Country and Birmingham area.

the kaleidoscope+group


Kaleidoscope Plus Group.

Service Type

A range of services available to support mental health and wellbeing including Sanctuary Hub, crisis text line, counselling, bereavement support and more.

Who is the service for?

Mostly for over 18s living in Sandwell.

How to access the service?

freedom from torture


Freedom from Torture.

Service Type

We help men, women and children who have survived physical and psychological torture (definition provided on website).

Waiting Times

We review requests every week and will aim to respond to you within 2 weeks.

How to access the service?

help for heroes


Help for Heroes – Hidden Wounds or Project Solidarity.

Who is the service for?

UK Armed Forces, their families or civilians who have worked with UK Armed Forces (i.e. civilian translators).

How to access the service?

Sandwell Language

The Sandwell Language Network (SLN) provides a programme of free, community-based English language learning support in each of our six towns in Sandwell.

SLN is available to any adult (18 +) with English language learning needs in Sandwell and is delivered by community organisations with languages classes available in local community settings.

SLN delivers a range of English Language learning, as well digital inclusion, employability sessions and Health Literacy classes for people who cannot speak English or cannot speak English well.

SLN offers a place of welcome to new migrants living in Sandwell, as well as people who have lived in Sandwell for many years. It offers free language learning to those with poor, or no English language and to those who wish to improve their English language. It helps people understand our healthcare system and better access health care with SLN.

People from all around the world are welcome and in 2022 SLN learners came from:

52 Countries

4 Continents

Africa, South Asia,
South America, and Europe

55 Nationalities

49 Spoken

SLN language learning courses run September 2023 – July 2024

For information on SLN in Sandwell please visit their website.