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Our ambition at Walk & Cycle Sandwell is to improve the way people travel around the borough. We are passionate about improving air quality, and to try and change behaviours to more sustainable methods of travel. Just by making a few small changes to the way you travel can make a huge impact on the environment by lowering pollution levels and reducing congestion.

We work with Schools, Workplaces and Faith Centres within the district to promote the benefits of active travel such as walking and cycling. We understand there are many barriers which may prevent people from wanting to make that shift towards active travel such as time, confidence, and motivation. Therefore we are guided by community needs to determine how we can support you to find solutions to such barriers and help you discover alternative ways to travel, with as much ease as possible.


Want to find out more about active travel in Sandwell? Find all the information you need below.


International Walk To School Month

Pull on your walking boots and join thousands of children across the globe celebrating the walk to school.

Outdoor exercise plays such a vital in childrens health and well-being, and helps to develop basic life skills such as independence and road safety. Walking to school can help teach children to properly observe their environment, interact with family and friends and to develop essential skills under the safe supervision of parents or guardians.

Autumn is a time when traffic around the school gate can become a major problem. You can do your bit to reduce traffic and improve air quality by leaving the car at home whenever possible. If you have to drive, please park considerately, well away from the school gate, and turn you engine off when waiting for your child.

To make walking to school even more fun, Living Streets have created some useful resources to use along the way.

Living Streets Resources

Share what you’re doing for Walk to School Month on social media using #walkandcyclesandwell

We are encouraging Sandwell schools to sign up to Modeshift STARS. This free scheme supports and recognises schools who promote active and sustainable travel. For more information about Modeshift STARS in Sandwell, please contact


TravelWise Week

Taking place between 16-22 September each year, TravelWise Week promotes active travel, public transport, and other cleaner and healthier transport choices, and culminates in World Car Free Day when everyone is encouraged to find an alternative mode of travel for just one day.

TravelWise Week


Walk and Cycle Facebook Page

Follow Walk and Cycle on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest walking and cycling activities.

Walk and Cycle


TravelWise in Sandwell

Sandwell’s TravelWise page is where you can find information for making journeys by low carbon and healthy (sustainable) methods of transport, such as cycling, walking, public transport and car sharing.

TravelWise in Sandwell


Cycle More Sandwell

If you are looking to get back into cycling, learn to ride, or become a volunteer ride activator- we can support you.

Cycle More Sandwell


Sandwell Interactive Cycling Map

Use this map to explore on- and off- road cycle routes, including segregated, traffic-calmed and canal towpaths. The map also provides the location of cycle parking facilities, cycle shops and other points of interest.

Sandwell Cycle Map


Activity Finder

If you want to find your nearest walking and cycling sessions, check out the Stronger Sandwell Activity Finder. You can find them by clicking “I want to Move More”

Activity Finder


British Cycling Sessions

If you want to cycle more but are looking for adventure without the admin, Guided Rides are for you. All you have to do is bring your bike and pedal. Our Ride Leaders do the rest. It’s easy. It’s free. And it’s a fantastic day out for the whole family, with friends, or just on your own. You’ll meet new people, improve your fitness, and get more confident on your bike.

Guided Rides