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Weigh2GO – How to download

Active+me REMOTE Application Download                        

You will need:

  • A smart phone or smart device i.e. tablet.
  • A smart phone which is up to 5 years old (This includes Apple software from iOS 12 (2018) onwards and Android software from Android 10 (2019) onwards. Older versions can be used but some features may not work properly. Follow the simple steps below to download the Application:

New Active+me REMOTE Recovery user

  1. Search, download and install the ‘Active+me REMOTE Recovery’ app on your mobile device, which can be found in the Apple App Store, Google Play or Amazon App Store.
  2. Payment details may come up if it’s a new phone or installing new apps– click on skip
  3. If you are a new ‘Active+me REMOTE’ app user, follow the instructions from point 5 onwards to complete your registration.
  4. If you are a previous ‘Activ8rlives’ app user and wish to bring your account data over to the new ‘Active+ me REMOTE’ application, please refer to the ‘Previous Users’ section further down the page.
  5. To access the Weigh2GO programme through the app you will need to scan the QR Code available at your chosen location.
  6. You will be asked a series of security and application eligibility questions which you will need to go through. If you are not eligible, you can contact the Healthy Sandwell team via a form within the app where you will be directed to an appropriate service for your needs.
  7. Add information as requested. This will include your estimated height and weight.
  8. Please enter your details (i.e. name, sex, ethnicity etc).
  9. Please enter whether your aim is to lose weight or maintain weight.
  10. Please select your activity target.
  11. Please enter your registration details.
  12. Enter and verify your email address and create a password and then review all details and click create account.
  13. You may get a message saying, “Failed Registration” This means the email address being used has been used to register before. Please go to Login in user and reset password if you have forgotten it
  14. Click ‘ok’ to the notification regarding access to your motion and fitness activity (this will track and sync your steps).
  15. Select your security settings for the application.
  16. You will now have access to the dashboard.
  17. On your dashboard you will see a menu option. Select options in your menu to view your ‘dashboard’ which will show your current weight and steps, access learning material and pre-recorded/live sessions via ‘Learn’, select ‘charts’ to see your weight or steps data over time, select ‘support groups’ to access your weight loss group, post/receive messages (please ensure you read the Terms and Conditions prior to accessing this section). Take a look through other options available and familiarise yourself with these features.

Previous ‘Activ8rlives’ Users

  • If you are a previous user of the ‘Activ8rlives’ app and wish to add your historical data to the new ‘Active+me REMOTE’ application, you will need to know your old email address used to register for the previous app.
  • If you cannot remember your old email address, you will be unable to add historical data and will have to download the new ‘Active+me REMOTE’ application using a new email address and password. Please refer to the instructions titled New Active+me REMOTE Recovery user (page 1).
  • If you do remember your email address, you can log into the new ‘Active+me REMOTE’ application using the same email and password used for the old ‘Activ8rlives’ application.
  • If you cannot remember your password, select the ‘Forgot password’ option and follow the instructions sent to your email address.
  • Once logged in, you will see a subscription page and you will need to activate the free licence, which you can do by scanning the QR code, which can be found by clicking menu>support groups>groups>Scan QR Code.
  • You will then be returned to the subscription page, where you then click ‘Check Again’ and the licence will activate. PLEASE NOTE: It may take a short while for the licence to process in the background, so if it does not work straight away give it up to 10 minutes and press ‘Check Again’ and it should work.
  • Once you have downloaded the app & scanned the QR code, you may need to log out and in again for the app to update.
  • You can then download all the historical data by following the steps below (the download shouldn’t take long to complete). See flow diagram below:

 Step 1: Select Menu (top left corner)

Step 2: Select Cloud (bottom of the list)

Step 3: Select Download (green button in download data section)

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