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Weigh2GO is a way for Sandwell residents to access a self-monitoring weight management programme to help them monitor their weight or lose weight.

Due to ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, the Weigh2GO service is currently operating as a home weighing service and online app only.

Follow the simple steps below to join (you will need a smart phone or smart device i.e. tablet and a set of bathroom scales).

  • Search, download and install the ‘Activ8rlives’ App on your mobile device, which can be found in the Apple App Store, Google Play or Amazon App Store
  • Follow the instructions to complete your registration
  • Select the ‘menu’ tab at the top left hand corner of your screen and select ‘Support Groups’
  • Read the important notice box with terms and conditions of use and scroll to the bottom of the page and select ‘Scan a QR code’
  • The screen will be ready to scan. Hover your phone over the QR code provided below and read the instructions that follow scanning the code to ensure that you are happy to proceed.


This group will give you access to like-minded people who want to maintain a healthy weight or achieve a healthier weight.  You will be able to send messages, share photo images of your healthy food dishes or how you are keeping physically active ‘moving more’ at home.  You can also use this platform to keep in contact with each other, offer support through sharing your motivational and inspirational stories.


Weigh yourselves at home and stay on track with your weight goals

 Through the app you will be able to upload your weight readings using your bathroom scales.  To do this follow these simple steps below:

  • Once you have registered select the ‘menu’ tab at the top left hand corner of your screen and select ‘Health Data’
  • A series of graphs will show.  The first graph is your weight graph, select ‘Edit Data’ on the top right hand side of this graph, then select ‘Add Data’.
  • On this screen you can add new readings, select the white row under the ‘Weight’ section and add your weight reading.  It will either request it in kilograms or stones and pounds depending on your preferred metrics which you will have chosen when you registered.

There’s lots of support tools you can access once you’ve signed up. This includes recipes, physical activity apps and loads to keep you on track.

Here’s how easy the process is…


Contact Healthy Sandwell for more information.


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