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Morning After Pill

If you’ve had unprotected sex in the last three days or if you think a condom may have broken you can get emergency contraception to prevent an unplanned pregnancy.

The morning after pill is available free to all women in Sandwell from a number of pharmacies across the borough – see below for a full list.

What is the morning after pill?

The morning after pill is a single tablet that contains a synthetic version of progesterone, a natural hormone that’s produced by the ovaries.

It can be taken by most women, except those who are allergic to its ingredients or have medical conditions that might interact with it.

There are different versions of the morning after pill – the one offered for free by pharmacies has the brand name Levonelle.



How does it work?

It’s believed that the Levonelle works by stopping or delaying ovulation to prevent pregnancy.

The synthetic version of progesterone tricks the body into thinking an egg has already been released from the ovaries so that it doesn’t release one for real.

The hormone is also thought to alter the lining of the womb, meaning it can’t be prepared for a fertilised egg even if one is released from the egg.

When should I get the morning after pill?

You should get the morning after pill as soon as you can if you think you’ve had or may have had unprotected sex.

This is because it needs to be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex in order to be effective – and the sooner you take it, the more effective it is.

The morning after pill was designed for emergencies like forgetting to use contraception or using a condom that fails. It isn’t meant for regular use and doesn’t protect against STIs, so you shouldn’t take it as your planned method of contraception.

If you’ve had unprotected sex, it’s recommended that you take a STI test, just to be safe. Click here to order a quick and easy at home testing kit.



How can I get the morning after pill?

You can get the morning after pill for free in Sandwell no matter how old you are.

It’s available from pharmacies across the borough, where pharmacists may ask you a few simple questions to check it’s OK for you to use – like when you had sex, whether your period is late and whether you have any health problems.

The locations that offer the morning after pill for free are:



6 Unity Place, B69 4DB

0121 552 1047

Lloyds Pharmacy

Freeth Street, B69 3DB

0121 552 4945

Hill Top Pharmacy

1 Pottery Road, B68 9EX

0121 422 2164

Tividale Pharmacy

213 Regent Road, B69 1RZ

0138 425 6500

Rowley Regis

Church View Pharmacy

249 Halesowen Road, B64 6JD

0138 463 8554

Haden Vale Pharmacy

50 Barrs Road, B64 7HG

0138 456 2002

Lloyds Pharmacy

Sainsbury’s Halesowen Street, B65 0HG

0121 559 8065

Murray’s Healthcare

232 Halesowen Road, B64 6HN

0138 463 5407


Dr Dalvair Pharmacy

479 Bearwood Road, B66 4DH

0121 429 9150

Michael’s Chemist

262 High Street, B66 3NL

0121 565 0093

Victoria Pharmacy

5A Suffrage Street, B66 3PZ

0121 558 2673


Great Bridge Pharmacy

30 Great Bridge, DY4 7EW

0121 557 1957

Murray’s Healthcare

Sedgley Road West, DY4 8LY

0121 520 3712

Murray’s Healthcare

St. Marks Road, DY4 0SN

0121 520 3015


Yew Tree Pharmacy

20 Redwood Road, WS5 4LB

0192 262 6918


Park Lane Pharmacy

3 Park Lane, WS10 9PR

0121 556 0973

West Bromwich

Beaconview Chemist

314 Beacon View Road, B71 3NX

0121 588 3193

Co-Operative Pharmacy

4 New Street, B70 0HN

0121 556 4935

Ingrams Chemist

351 High Street, B70 9QG

0121 553 1081

Lloyds Pharmacy

52 Lodge Road, B79 8PA

0121 525 1038

Lloyds Pharmacy

19 West Gate Plaza, B70 7AD

0121 525 4928

Lyng Pharmacy

1 Lyng Lane, B70 7AW

0121 500 5756

Medipharma Chemist 

279 Walsall Road, B71 3HR

0121 588 4825

Sandwell Pharmacy

85 Church Vale, B71 4DH

0121 588 7678

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