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If you are under 25 and unsure about how to use a condom or need any other sexual health advice, you can sign up to our C-Card Scheme for free condoms.

Are you over 16?

You can order free condoms by calling Sandwell Sexual Health Service on 0121 612 2323 or text Free Condoms to 07860 018932 and one of our sexual health team will process your order.  Once complete, you will get sent a supply of condoms to your address.

What should I do if I am under 16?

If you’re 14 or 15, you may still be able to get condoms but you will need to sign up to our C-Card Scheme so a nurse can call to make sure you’re safe and well.

Did you know you can access free condoms via our C-Card Scheme?

How to use a condom

free condoms


Get in contact with us by calling 0121 612 2323 for C-Card Registration. After registering for a C-Card, one of our nurses will give you a ring for a private and confidential consultation on safe sex and condom usage.

We’ll post out condoms and a C-Card to an address of your choice. We’ll also include some leaflets on how to use condoms.

In the future, you won’t need to give your name again – only the ID number on your C-Card. You also won’t need to speak to a nurse again unless you want to. We’re always here to help with any sexual health concerns.

Worried about STI’s?

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Still need help?

Send an enquiry to our friendly Healthy Sandwell team.

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