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Binge drinking

Heard the term binge drinking but not sure what it actually means?

Binge drinking refers to a session of drinking alcohol with more than 8 units… that’s just a little more than having 3 pints in one sitting. Doesn’t sound much does it? 3 pints of beer or 3 glasses of wine… that’s all it takes to be classified as binge drinking.

Drinking too much too quickly can increase your risk of:

  • Accidents, resulting in injuries
  • Misjudging risky situations
  • Losing self-control
  • Health problems.

You can reduce the impacts of binge drinking and here are some tips for how:

  • Limit how much you drink in a single session
  • Drink slower
  • Have food when you are drinking
  • Alternate alcoholic drinks with water or fruit juice (there is a bigger range of low and no alcohol drinks available now)

Talk about how much you’re drinking with friends and family. You may find that you can support each other to cut down how much you’re drinking.

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