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Take Control of Your Tomorrow

Take control of your tomorrow by watching how much you drink today.

We’ve all been there.

That extra shot at the bar, saying yes to the double vodka rather than sticking with a single and one for the road. Then you REALLY regret it the next day. It could be that you’re suffering from the hangover from hell or that you’re skint for the rest of the week.

Whatever the reason is, losing a day to the booze isn’t much fun.

Check out below some handy tips and tricks to take control of your tomorrow by watching how much you drink today.

Drinks Swaps

Swapping a few of your drinks on a night out can make a HUGE difference to how you feel the next day, as well as having longer-term benefits to your health.
So why don’t you:
• Swap your glass of wine to a wine spritzer
• Order a single rather than a double
• Have a shandy rather than a pint
• Enjoy a soft drink to end your night

Fun without the booze – it can be done!

Are you bored of the cycle of going out, spending all your money and losing another weekend to an epic hangover?
The good news is that there is plenty to do in Sandwell that can be fun and doesn’t include lots of booze.

Let’s get physical

There’s never been so many options to get active in Sandwell. From aerobics to football there is something to suit everyone. You might fancy getting a group of mates and joining in one of the many exercise classes going on throughout the borough. You might prefer your exercise outside so why not try one of the many outdoor gyms dotted across Sandwell’s parks. Whatever takes your fancy, get in touch with Healthy Sandwell who can help find the right thing for you.

Get the mocktails out

Drinking without booze doesn’t need to be boring. There are loads of tasty mocktail recipes out there which will delight the taste buds. Check out some of these recipes.

Learn something new

Cutting back on the booze means you have more time to spend on doing the stuff you enjoy! The extra time is a great opportunity to learn a new skill. There are loads of free courses you can do online as well as adult courses on offer at Sandwell college.

Still need help?

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