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Let’s talk alcohol

Many people can enjoy drinking alcohol without any problems. Therefore, it’s important we all understand how to drink safely and how to enjoy alcohol without putting your health at risk.

There’s various support available for people living and working in Sandwell to help them understand safe drinking. As a result, we can help you learn how to access specialist services if required.

Our work is based across Sandwell and we want to work with our communities. We work to encourage safe drinking, help people understand unit guidelines and try alternatives to alcohol.

Find out more about safe drinking through the information on the right hand side. If you want to access specific support to help you reduce or stop your drinking, please contact our Healthy Sandwell team who will be able to discuss local support. You can contact the team online or phone 0800 011 4656.

You can also refer yourself to Cranstoun services if you are over 18 by clicking on their logo:

You can also refer yourself to DECCA if you’re under 18.


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