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How much are you drinking?

It’s important for us to know roughly how much we are drinking each week.

Drinking too much can increase your risk of serious conditions like liver disease and some cancers.

National guidelines are set by the government and say that adults shouldn’t drink more than 14 units each week.

Want to know more about units? Find out more about units here:

14 units is about 6 pints of 4% beer, or 6 glasses of 13% wine.

It’s best to spread your drinks throughout the week rather than have them all at once. Drinking more than 8 units in one sitting is called binge drinking.


Drink diary

Some people find it useful to keep a drink diary, so you can understand how much you are drinking each week.

You can download a copy of a drink diary here to use, or download the NHS drink tracker to see how much you’re drinking each week.

If you have a rough idea of how much you drink each week, why don’t you fill out the unit calculator below?

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