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Outbreak Management

Outbreak guidance

An outbreak is two or more test-confirmed cases of COVID-19 or clinically suspected cases of COVID-19 among individuals associated with a specific setting. You can find more details about an outbreak on the Government website.

Guidance has been created to support your care home if you have an outbreak.

  • Contacting PHE is very important and this can be done by calling 0344 225 3560 ( OPT 0, 2 FOR COVID ONLY) or by filling in this survey.
  • Ensure your Capacity Tracker is filled out, this will let us know at Public Health that there are cases.
  • If you need further assistance, please email us or COVID resilience

A few things to consider:

  • Contact trace all contacts from positive cases. Were there any breaches? If you’re unsure please contact PHE or Public Health and we will support.
  • Move resident’s chairs from being side by side.
  • Increase cleaning.
  • Laundry – complied with when you have any outbreak.
  • Waste using correct stream.
  • Stop visiting except for professionals.
  • Stop all admissions and discharges.
  • Face masks at all times, no fabric is to be worn and staff members are exempt from wearing a face mask, if you need more assistance please contact COVID Resilience or HSE.

Outbreak Testing

If a COVID positive result has been identified regardless if it is staff or resident outbreak testing needs commence. Please see national guidance for up to date outbreak testing.

Isolation Period

As guidance changes on a regular please refer to guidance for latest update:

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