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Staying cool in hot weather

We all know that the sun has a lot of benefits but it can also cause a lot of harm.

When the sun is shining and the heat is rising, here are some things you should consider:

  • Stay cool and hydrated

We need to drink plenty of non-alcoholic drinks as well as staying nice and cool.

  • Keep sun safe

Don’t risk sunburn or skin cancers. Use at least SPF30 and stay out of the sun between 11am and 3pm.

  • Manage long-term health conditions

Health conditions can get worse in the heat and many medicines can affect tolerance to hot weather. Take extra care to stay cool and seek medical advice when necessary.

  • Take care when swimming

If you decide to swim outdoors, make sure it’s a safe place to swim. Look out for warning signs and hidden dangers. It’s best to swim at a swimming pool with a lifeguard. Visit the Sandwell Leisure Trust and People for Places websites to find a swimming pool close to you.

  • Look out for others

Regularly check on people living alone, older people, unwell people, vulnerable family, friends and neighbours during times of extreme heat and make sure they can stay cool. Seek medical advice by calling NHS 111 if necessary.

  • Be alert to heat exhaustion or heat stroke

If you feel unwell, dizzy, irritable, faint, tired, very thirsty or have painful muscle spasms when the weather is hot this could be a sign if heat exhaustion. Make sure you cool down and drink plenty of water. If you can’t cool down for 30 minutes this could be a sign of heat stroke which can be very serious. Seek medical advice by calling NHS 111 if necessary.

  • Keep food safety in mind

Summer is a great time to enjoy a BBQ or picnic. Stay safe and remember that warm weather and eating or cooking outdoors can create the perfect conditions for bacteria to grow. Avoid food poisoning by following good food hygiene practices.

You can find more information on the Sandwell Council website.

To share information on staying well in hot weather, you can download and print the ‘Beat the Heat’ poster in a variety of languages.


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