Project G – Ideal for all

Inspiring Positive Minds Connect, Move, Notice, Learn and Give


“It has made a real change to my life. I’m starting to understand and get help. It’s a lifeline”.

Established in 1996, Ideal for All (IFA) are a locally rooted user-led charity, social enterprise and community business. Together we work to make life better for people with disabilities, mental health needs, learning disabilities, long-term health conditions, and those of us in need of support to thrive. An award-winning provider of person-centred services and have successfully developed the Independent Living Centre and three Community Gardens from derelict land (Salop Drive Market Garden, Malthouse Garden, Barlow Road Community Garden).

Sessions: Are you from a minority ethnic community? Join our FREE Face-to-face or online support in small groups (up to 10 people). We can also offer one-to-one.

Developed around Sandwell’s Feel Good 6 principles, which built on/extended the 5 Ways to Wellbeing, we focus on promoting positive wellbeing to support our mental health

Session length: 3 session programme, up to 2 hours each session (6 hours total max)

Session 1 – Connect and Learn Learning new skills, learning to be kind to ourselves/others, wellness plans and self-management, feelings of wellbeing (what does it mean, what difference does it make), healthy eating, looking after yourself.

Session 2 – Move and Give Physical activity and feeling good in ourselves, how can we get moving more in Sandwell. Giving – giving time to others, volunteering opportunities, giving to ourselves, self-care exercises, introduction to peer support/leadership, lived experience ambassadors.

Session 3 – Notice and Talk Take time, stop and focus on the moment. Talk about being outdoors/hobbies/interests. How much time do we spend indoors/screen time? Where are we now? what’s changed, what’s next? Celebration!!!

“It has made a real change to my life. I’m starting to understand and get help. It’s a lifeline”.

We encourage participants to access peer support group sessions, our health and wellbeing support or specialist support via the Better mental health partnership network.

How to refer/next steps

Suitability – Where you have serious and enduring mental health need, we will support you to access more appropriate support for your recovery stage including referral to crisis support or to partners in the Better Mental Health Network.

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