Project D – The Voluntary and Community Sector Well-being Charter Mark

Information About the Project

The Team

We are a team of educational psychologists, assistant education psychologist and project manager. We are from Inclusion Support in Sandwell.

The Project Aims

Project Background and Details

The project is an action research process and will be modelled on our current projects in schools which were developed in response to a strong evidence base in accordance with Public Health England (2015). They identified eight key principles (see Figure below) which are important in promoting emotional health and well-being within schools and colleges. We currently obtain the views of staff, students and families connected with the organisation through conversations and anonymous surveys. The questions asked are informed by The 10 Element Map of Mental Health (McDonald and O‘Hara, 1998) which states that mental health and well-being is the product of the balance between promoting and demoting factors in five areas: Environmental Quality, Social Participation, Emotional Processing, Self-Esteem and Self-Management. The data are then analysed using thematic analysis and mapped against the 8 key principles.

The proposed project will consist of:

Who can take part?

Community or voluntary organisation working with children and families in Sandwell

For further information please contact

If you are interested in taking part project please contact Sarah Corns at

The Voluntary and Community Sector Wellbeing Charter Mark

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