Project A – Changes

Delivered by Sandwell Council’s Parent Support Team
Parents who have attended Changes courses have told us about how they felt after they had completed and what impact it had on their and their family’s life:


Parents who have attended Changes courses have told us about how they felt after they had completed and what impact it had on their and their family’s life:


Changes has really helped me to become a better parent and it has given me much more confidence


You are life savers, we can now breakdown a routine and rebuild it to meet a child’s need. Helped my confidence and given me tools to fix them.


I’ve learned a lot about my wellbeing and how to look after it .


It’s okay not to be a perfect person/family and have positive approach towards life.


It makes me aware about other parents have the same problems as me bringing up their children. Its taught me to make rules for kids and to follow them. It also give (sic) me knowledge about things that are happening in my area.



I have changed some routines and taken more time for myself without feeling guilty


I have really enjoyed this training course and felt the benefit of it. As a result of this course I am learning how to make changes to my life which involves putting myself first more and prioritising tasks. I am now starting to appreciate that what I do is important and does make a difference. The course has really helped me to look more closely at my life.


From the first week to the last week I have learnt a lot and has helped me to look at myself and stop feeling sorry for myself so I can be a good parent. The course was well presented and easy to understand so thank you.


Every parent is still learning there, there is no book on what to do just do your best. See this course through to the end it’s worth more than you know. Be yourself and always speak up if you feel somethings not being done right or if you may need help and support and always ask. Never think you’re the only one going through problems.


It’s showed me to ask for help and that people helping you is ok, it’s made me more confident in what I’m doing and what I’m doing for my child. They have made me wake up and take responsibility and for that I’m very thankful.

changes antenatalChanges is Sandwell’s evidence-based, home-grown support for parents, helping them to navigate on their parenting journey at key transition points for their child.

The main aims of Changes are:

Funding through the PHE Better Mental Health project has enabled a wider choice of Early Years, Primary School Years and Secondary School Years courses to be offered for Sandwell parents to join.

The project funding has enabled the Parent Support Team to recruit a team of dedicated and passionate practitioners to offer a menu of both face-to-face and virtual sessions to meet the needs of Sandwell parents.  Sessions during the day, in the evening and at the weekend are planned in community venues across the borough. There are also some schools that are involved in the project and they will be delivering sessions specifically for parents who attend their school.

Parents attending the sessions will be provided with a Changes handbook as well as a host of other resources to support them on their parenting journey.  The sessions are fully interactive with discussions, activities, video clips, quizzes and games.


Any parent living in Sandwell can sign up for Changes quickly and easily online. Professionals can also sign up parents on their behalf too.

Any queries or questions can be directed to Sam and Nikki in the Parent Support Team via email

Further information can be found on the Council’s website.

Or on the Healthy Sandwell website.