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Transcript of Sandwell Language Network

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One of Sandwell many strengths is in our diversity. And as English Language support is key for reducing health inequalities and social isolation. The Sandwell language Network was designed to help our amazingly diverse community feel truly supported by their council.

I’m Sana and I am a dentist. So, in order to be a dentist in the UK, I needed to work on my English. Lessons were expensive and I really began to lose hope. However, after finding the Sandwell Language Network, I have had quality English Lessons for free and I have now achieved the results I need in all my mock exams. This has given me so much confidence moving forward.I now have the opportunity to fulfill my career right here in Sandwell. Since our ambitious beginnings in 2019, we have helped 524 people from 53 different nationalities with their learnings.

My name is Costela Butaru . I’m from Romania. I know make appointment doctor is very very important for me this English course. We are so proud of our results which are driving real change in Sandwell. Around 90% of users say it has helped them to make NHS appointments and get to know people in their local area. We are proven to help build confidence, skills and communication and to provide access to healthcare and education amongst our residents. I really like this English course. I am very happy to learn English with Sandwell Language Network.