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Transcript of How to Use a Condom

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This is an instructional video of how to use a condom. Condoms can be used to protect against pregnancy and sexually transmitted is best to try using a condom for the first time when you are on your own so you can learn how to put it on effectively and make sure the condoms you have fit correctly. If the condoms seem loose or slip off easily, you may need a smaller size. If the condom feels too tight or restrictive, you may need a larger size. Using a wrong size condom can cause it to split or come off inside your partner, making it ineffective. If you are allergic to latex or spermicide – free condoms are available.

Make sure that the packaging is not damaged in any way. If there are any holes, openings or evidence of compromise, you should discard the condom and get a new one. You also need to check for a CE or KITE mark. These are confirmation that the condom is certified within the UK or Europe. A condom without these guarantees may not be effective. The last thing to check on the packet is the expiry date. If the condom has expired, discard it and get a new one. The second step is to open the packet. Avoid opening with teeth or scissors as this can damage the condom. The condom packet will have two jagged edges and two straight edges. Push the condom out of the way towards one of the straight edges and tear open the packet with your hands from jagged edge to jagged edge.

If the condom is damaged during opening, discard it and get a new one. The next step is to ensure the condom is the right way round. The roll of the condom should be on the outside of the condom, not the inside. If you put the condom the wrong way around, it will not roll around and should be discarded as it may have come into contact with sperm. You can then put on the condom. Pinch the tip of the condom to prevent an air bubble. An air bubble at the end of the condom may cause a split. While pinching the tip of the condom, place it on the end of the erect penis and roll the condom over the shaft. You are then ready to have sex.

The las step is to remove the condom safely. When removing your penis from inside your partner, you should hold on to the base of the condom to ensure it is not left inside your partner. You should pull out while still erect so that the contents of the condom don’t spill as the penis becomes flaccid. When you have done this, carefully remove the condom from the penis being careful not to spill the contents. You should then tie a knot in the condom to prevent spillage and dispose of the condom in a bin. Never flush a condom down the toilet as this will cause blockages. Using lubricant can have sex more comfortable. Oil based lubricants and oils such as cooking oil, baby oil and massage oil should not be used with a condom, as it may cause the condom to split. Water based lubricant is safe to use with condoms. If a condom splits, comes off inside your partner or is used incorrectly, then infecting testing or emergency contraception may need to be sought.