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NHS Health Checks

If you're aged 40-74 years old you might be eligible for a FREE NHS Health Check...

An NHS Health Check is essentially an MOT for your body. It is designed to spot the early signs of stroke, kidney disease, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and dementia.  As we get older, we have a higher risk of developing one of these conditions. The check helps find ways to lower this risk.

What happens at an NHS Health Check?

A Health Check takes about 20-30 minutes.

The health professional will ask you some simple questions about your lifestyle and family history, measure your height and weight, take your blood pressure and do a blood test – often using a small finger prick test.

Based on this, they will be able to give you an idea of your chances of getting heart disease, stroke, kidney disease and diabetes.

You will then receive personalised advice to lower your risk.

How do I book my NHS Health Check?

If you don’t have a pre-existing condition, you should get a letter from your GP inviting you for a free check every five years.

Click here to check your eligibility and book your appointment or call Randox on 0800 2545 163

You can also contact Healthy Sandwell team who will check your eligibility:


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If you are concerned about Type 2 Diabetes, check out our advice now.


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