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NCMP (National Child Measurement Programme)

The National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP) is a yearly process that measures the height and weight of over one-million children in Reception (age 4 to 5 years) and Year 6 (age 10 to 11 years) each year in primary schools in England. Traditionally information on their Body Mass Index is then fed back to parents in a letter. The feedback classes children as being ‘underweight’, ‘healthy weight’, ‘overweight’ or ‘obese’.  However parents, teachers and young people told us that the NCMP feedback letters are viewed badly in Sandwell.

Using our Stronger Sandwell approach, we set out to update this process by co-designing a resource that would;

  • Eliminate stigma and
  • Acknowledge the crucial role of mental wellbeing in childhood obesity.

The end product of the co-design work is a colourful and easy to read one-page resource providing parents with advice on:

  • Change4life ‘Top Tips’
  • ‘Sugar Swap’ ideas
  • Physical activities for the family
  • Emotional well-being

Any parents who wish to have information on their child’s body mass index (BMI) can still obtain it from the School Health nursing team, following the information and contact details given in the pre-measurement letter.

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