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Sandwell’s Voluntary and Community Sector (SCVO)

Sandwell benefits from a well-established Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS). This is a vibrant and diverse collection of charitable and not-for-profit businesses as well as social enterprises, advocacy organisations, community and neighbourhood groups.

Together, the many different parts of the VCS make a huge impact on residents’ health. They provide support around positive life choices, opportunities for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and enhance people’s quality of life.

It’s estimated that across the Sector around 20,000 residents participate and support voluntary-led activity each year. They give 1.4 million hours of their time. As a result, this is equivalent to an approximate £19 million workforce. They provide massive health and wellbeing benefits to residents and often to the volunteers themselves.

The Sector also features over 200 Sandwell based charities and not-for-profit organisations. Furthermore, they deliver professional and expert support for residents, very often free of charge.

SCVO is a local charity that acts as an umbrella body for the VCS.