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Research shows that spending time with other people is a great way to improve our health.

Wherever you live in Sandwell, there are lots of ways to get active and meet new people in your local area.

Our new Director of Public Health for Sandwell, Dr Lisa McNally, understands the importance of this. Furthermore, she wants to raise awareness of how community groups and activities are important for our health.

Dr Lisa McNally said, “As we work to improve health in our local area, we need to look at what is strong in our community, not just at what is wrong.”

“Sandwell is a place brimming with community groups and projects. They are run by local people for local people. Whether it’s a walking group, choir, parents group, drama society or craft club – they have the potential to improve health and well-being.”

This report looks at our local community as a source of health. How do community groups improve health and well-being? What examples do we have in each of our six towns?

There are stories from those that organise community activities. As well, you can hear from those that have benefited from them. Furthermore, they show how community activity in Sandwell is something for us to be truly proud of and support to thrive.

Read the rest of our annual report.