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Healthy Life Expectancy

Our strategy is about increasing the years in which we live in good health. Last year’s report focussed on how we want to achieve increasing healthy life expectancy. If we want to increase the number of year’s people live in good health, we must start in the early years. We know that the health of our children is not on par with England averages, and we know that behaviours and lifestyles we embed from an early age will have huge implications on the health and outcomes into adult hood.

To understand the influence on health of our children and young people we must understand the wider world they live in.

Sandwell is a vibrant, exciting borough, with lots to be proud about. It is also a very deprived area, that has social and economic issues that stem generations.

Sandwell Public Health presented our model for understanding what influences illness in last year’s annual report. Work in Public Health is often focussed on lifestyle and behaviours, but here in Sandwell we want to broaden our understanding of what causes these behaviours and work more closely with other teams to tackle the wider influences.


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