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Gentle Exercise

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Tuesday - 2pm- 3pm - Free | Adults

Targeted at older adults.

Gentle Exercise. Sessions that are specially designed for the older generation combining fitness with a social element. Low impact activities mean that you can still get a workout without putting undue stress on bones, muscles and joints. Staying active as you get older is still as vital as it is in other stages of life.

Contact Details

Riverside Housing: Denise Heginbotham - 07870809387


Myra Harris Bungalow

Brickhouse Ln, West Bromwich B70, UK

A community venue that is ran by the Riverside Group for the local residents and hosts numerous activities. The Riverside Group Limited is a charitable Registered Society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 managed by Executive Directors, and governed by a Group Board.

Venue Contact

Contact Denise on 07870809387  for more information about activities.