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Adult Day Care Services

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Monday - 10am- 3pm - | Adults

Tuesday - 10am- 3pm - | Adults

Wednesday - 10am- 3pm - | Adults

Thursday - 10am- 3pm - | Adults

Friday - 10am- 3pm - | Adults

We offer day care services for anyone who would like a hot meal, a chance to socialise or to join in with activities. The service is available Monday to Friday 10am- 3pm and we offer a full range of activities throughout the day including gentle exercise, puzzles/ quizzes, musical bingo and much more.

A typical day includes:

  • Pick up/ drop off on our transport
  • Tea/ coffee and toast
  • Gentle exercise
  • Activities through the day
  • 2 course lunch

Hot/ cold drinks will be available throughout the day on request.


Contact Details

0121 558 0018


St Albans Community Church

St Albans Rd, Smethwick, UK

St Albans is a medium-sized charity, providing a wide range of services to the local community. The charity was established in 1983, with the commitment of a number of people, including Pat Ryan and Beryl Chandler. The organisation is funded by several means, including the local authority, individual grant funders, donations and charges for services. Pre-School Befriending Lunch Club Advice Services

Venue Contact

Phone: 0121 558 0018