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Secondary school


Secondary school can put a lot of pressure on a child as they transition into a teenager. It’s important to help your child avoid becoming overwhelmed, as this can have a negative effect on their exam results. Here’s a variety of great tips you can use to help relieve some of their stress.


Relieving your teenager’s stress

  • Give them confidence by offering lots of praise and encouragement.
  • Ensure they stay physically and mentally healthy.
  • Give your child peace and quiet to do homework and revision.
  • Raise their aspirations and create a ‘you can do it attitude’.


Living with a teenager

It can be a difficult time for a parent when their child transitions to a teenager as more disagreements and arguments might occur in the house. Here are a few tips that could help you, as a parent, transition to living with a teenager.

  1. Avoid arguments by accepting their life has changed.
  2. Keep including your teenager in the family.
  3. Find new, slightly more mature, activities to do together.
  4. Learn to negotiate.
  5. Give them space if they’re upset.
  6. Show that you have faith and confidence in them.


On the go and want a quick refresher? Take a look at the videos below.


If you’re struggling to have a meaningful conversation with your teenager, take a few minutes to read the ‘Communication style: Secondary school’ for loads of tips and tricks you can start using right away!