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Staying street smart

Knowing how to cross the road properly is a real life-saver. The sooner your little one starts to understand road safety, the safer they’ll be.


Things your child should be able to do before they start school

  • Walk without a buggy
  • Understand basic road safety – such as looking both ways, using a road crossing etc
  • Wait, look and listen and do what their adult says


Helpful tips and activities

Things you can do to get them thinking about road safety and improve their skills.

  • Stay really alert yourself – avoid using your mobile when out and about
  • Walk everywhere and use reins so you’re in full control
  • Play stop-go games to help them learn how to listen and follow instructions
  • Look at books and talk about road safety – where to cross the road safely, how to cross etc
  • Use a bike or peddle car to practice road safety – they can be the driver of the car
  • Go for walks and use a bus or train – it’s all exciting and a great way to learn
  • Create different road crossings and play at using them
  • Show them how you cross the road using your best Green Cross Code technique
  • Read about the Green Cross Code and help them understand it – it could save their life


Signs to look out for

Things that let you know your child is developing the skills they need.

  • Holds your hand when you ask
  • Takes extra care when they are near cars and the road
  • Stops, looks and listens when they are told
  • Are able to stop running and change direction without bumping into things or falling over too often
  • Starts to understand and talk about road safety when they are out and about


Need more help or advice?

Talk to your Health Visitor, they’ll always be happy to answer your questions. Or if they can’t help, they’ll certainly be able to put you in touch with someone who can.

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