Blue Light Project

In line with our Stronger Sandwell principle that “Nobody is Left Behind”, the Blue Light Project works with drinkers who have struggled with alcohol dependence treatment.

Our aim is to offer a holistic, multi-agency package of support to those struggling with alcohol so that their complex needs are met in a joined up way.  This, in turn, gives people the best chance of managing their drinking and rebuilding their lives.

As with any Stronger Sandwell project, Blue Light builds on local strengths. It’s a collaboration between between a range of local partners, including Sandwell Public Health, our local Substance Misuse Service provider Cranstoun, NHS partners, the voluntary sector, the police and housing teams.

An evaluation showed the service leads to significant savings across emergency services, including police and hospital settings.  The Blue Light Project has won two national awards and has been written about extensively in the national and professional media.

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