Stronger Future

The Stronger Sandwell Principles state that everything we do will build on the strengths in our community – and invest in those strengths so that they can thrive.  These strengths include our local young people.


Stronger Mental Health

Our work focuses on working in partnership with our younger residents to build their emotional strength and resilience.

For example, our Schools Wellbeing Charter Mark gets kids involved in creating a learning environment that supports good mental health.  Dozens of schools are already involved with more joining up all the time!

Even our work on kids’ physical health seeks to look after their mental health too.  For example, we’ve recently worked with local young people and parents to re-design the National Child Measurement Programme so as to make it less likely to hinder positive self esteem and body image.


Stronger Voices

The Sandwell SHAPE programme is coordinated by the Public Health Team and local Youth Services.

The aim is to develop young people’s voices and ensure they are heard by those in power.  At the heart of the programme is the SHAPE Forum made of young people who regularly come together to question (and influence) policy makers.

The SHAPE Forum includes our Members of the UK Youth Parliament.

The SHAPE Forum Members also organise large scale, high profile events.  These include the annual SHAPE Festival and the SHAPE Your Talent competition.

Both regularly attract a lot of media attention and the talent contest has produced some stars that are now forging successful careers in the entertainment industry!

Last years winner was the amazing Sophie Rose who’s dance was not only of a high technical standard – but brought tears to the audience with its poignant message on knife crime.  Click on the image to watch her perform!

The Shape Programme was a finalist in the Children & Young People Now! Awards in 2019.