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Festive drinking advice

27 November

Don’t let booze ruin your Christmas

Planning on having a few drinks over the festive period? Don’t let the booze ruin your Christmas fun. Check out these top tips to help you stay in control of how much you’re drinking.

1. Watch your units

As you may be aware, regularly drinking more than 14 units a week risks damaging your health. Keeping track of how many units you’re drinking can help you keep in control however it can be difficult to remember how many units there are in each drink. This handy drinks tracker has a range of different drinks making it easy for you to keep track on how many units you’re consuming.

2. Make a swap

Making small swaps when you’re out drinking can make a difference to the units you’re consuming. For example, making sure you alternate a boozy drink with a soft drink or water can help you stay hydrated. Also, swapping your drink for smaller measures is a good idea. Try having a single instead of a double measure or try small glass of wine instead of a large one.

3. Stick to a plan

Taking out a set amount of cash and leaving your card at home is a very good way to make sure you don’t over spend and over indulge. Also, if you’re getting a cab home, pre-ordering a taxi can help you stick to leaving at a certain time. Make a plan and stick to it.

4. Make your own

If cocktails are your thing, than there are plenty of mocktail recipes that are just as appetising as the boozy versions. Check out these tasty recipes.

5. Take some time off

Experts recommend having at least three days off booze a week. The One You Days Off app is a simple and easy way to track the days you drink alcohol and the days you don’t. Simply nominate days to take off drinking and get practical, daily support to help you stick to it.


For more information on advice and support on staying in control your drinking in Sandwell, check out our alcohol support pages.

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