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Healthy Weight for the whole family

Sugar Swaps

Swap fizzy drinks, juice drinks and flavoured milks for water, lower-fat milks and no added sugar drinks.

Snack Smart

Sugary snacks can all add up! When choosing packaged snacks, stick to 2 a day max. But remember, fruit and vegetables are always the best snack.

Me-sized meals

Remember kids are smaller than adults so give them a smaller portion to begin with. If they’re still hungry they’ll ask for more.

Eating out

When eating out look for child- friendly options that include fruit and vegetables. Try to avoid bigger portion sizes such as “go large” or “supersize” deals.

Get going every day

Kids need 60 active minutes each day. This can be in short 10 minute bursts throughout the day. Try scootering to school, skipping to the shops or dancing to a song. Keep track of screen time – many parents find it helpful to set a daily limit.


For more support on keeping the whole family at a healthy weight, visit Change4Life.



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