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Tackling the Tantrums

Tantrums might not be nice to be around, but they’re a necessary part of growing up. With a little care and understanding, you can help your child grow out of it before they start school.


Things your child should be able to do before they start school

  • Able to start sharing with other children
  • Play and create things using their imagination
  • Know how to behave themselves
  • Show respect to adults


Helpful tips and activities

Things you can do to help avoid tantrums and encourage good behaviour.

  • Tantrums are part of growing up – it’s important for children to have them
  • Find out more about ‘control’ and ‘distress’ tantrums – both are different and need to be handled in their own way
  • Avoid saying ‘no’ unless really necessary – say ‘STOP’ or ‘finished’ instead
  • Distract them to take their mind off the toys they want – it really works
  • Explain in a simple way why they can’t run around – when they understand it calms them down
  • Get down to their eye level and explain – they’ll take more notice and you won’t have to keep repeating yourself
  • Help them calm down without giving in – otherwise they’ll think they got their own way
  • Young children usually forget why they were having a tantrum – don’t go over it again later as they probably won’t remember
  • Set rules and reward positive behaviour with star charts – kids love seeing how well they did
  • Talk about emotions and name them – it will help them learn to control them


Signs to look out for

Things that let you know your child is developing the skills they need.

  • Turns and listens when their name is called out
  • Shares toys with friends with help from an adult
  • Starts to accept that they need to wait or share the attention of an adult with someone else
  • Knows when they can’t do something they want – such as run around a shop


Need more help or advice?

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