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Losing sleep over naps

As your little one develops, they’ll need fewer naps, or even no naps at all. There are plenty of ways you can help them drop their daytime snooze without them feeling too tired.


Things your child should be able to do before they start school

  • Start the day full of energy, ready to learn and play
  • Last a full school day without a nap


Helpful tips and activities

Things you can do to help them sleep better at night and drop their daytime naps.

  • Have a good daily routine and stick to it as much as you can – fix morning and bed times
  • Make sure their room is not too hot or cold – that will stop them moving about too much
  • Don’t let them nap after 3pm – it will spoil their night-time sleep
  • Keep bedrooms for sleeping – not for time out or iPads
  • Give them lots of exercise in fresh air – it really does help tire them out
  • Dance to music – great fun to do, even better for helping you sleep
  • Limit sugary foods – it keeps them awake
  • Choose foods that help them to sleep – milky drinks etc


Signs to look out for

Things that let you know their sleep routine is changing.

  • Plays for longer during the day
  • Takes shorter naps – growing out of their longer daytime snooze
  • Able to stay awake without being too grumpy


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