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Parenting Styles

Regardless of whether you have a strict or a more laid-back approach to parenting, be clear and consistent on your core family values. Below are a few tips to help make sure that the communication throughout the family is clear and consistent.


  1. Make sure that both parents/carers are not giving the child mixed messages

This can cause frustration and anger for your child as they try and work out what they should be doing.


  1. Keep your rules consistent

Mixed reactions to your own rules can again cause some anger and frustration for your child as they begin to work out what they did wrong to deserve a strict response that day.


  1. Have clear expectations

If you want to use certain activities as rewards, then you need to be crystal clear on your expectations for what your child needs to do beforehand.


  1. Not being there at all is far worse

As a parent, if you’re absent then rules won’t be enforced. This can have a negative effect on your child’s performance in school.


Just like you, we want your child to lead the best life possible and choosing the parenting that works for you is best. Simply keeping in mind and making sure you communicate your family’s core beliefs and values will help in the long-run.

Need a quick refresher on this? Watch the video below!