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Getting ready for school

Starting school is an exciting time as it’s the beginning of your child’s educational journey that will see them achieve great things. Below are some top tips you can use to help your child prepare for primary school, and transition over to secondary school.


Top tips to help the nerves

  • Chat with your child about starting school. Is there anything they’re worried about? Anything they’re excited for?
  • Visit the school on an open day or other similar events.
  • Talk about what they are looking forward to most about school.
  • Try to slowly detach them from items they depend on (toys, blankets etc).
  • Arranging childcare before and after school? Try starting this routine before school starts. Check out the Family Information Service Hub for information about childcare.


What to avoid

  • Don’t use statements like ‘I hated school’.
  • Don’t overload your child with ‘school talk’.
  • Try not to build up an unrealistic image of the school in your child’s mind.


You can find more top tips and advice on the Family Lives website.



Physically ready

There are a few things that your primary school expects your child to know before they start. Performing tasks like going to the toilet, practising good hygiene and being able to dress themselves properly and independently, are all great skills for your child to have before school starts.

Check our Ready, Steady, Grow pages for more information.


Transitioning to secondary school

Moving on to secondary school is a particularly nervous time for your child, but here are a few quick tips that can help.

  • Talk through each of the fears they may have.
  • Show that you are excited and positive about their transition.
  • Before the term begins, start getting the family into the morning routine.
  • If your child is using public transport, do a couple of practice runs before school starts.
  • Let your child know in advance of any home-life routine changes for when school starts.


If you’re struggling to have a good conversation with your child about school, take a few minutes and take a look at the ‘Communication style: Secondary School’ page for loads of great tips on how to talk to your growing child.

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