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Alcohol alternatives

We often see alcohol-related news in the headlines. Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with what people are saying about it.

One thing is clear though – people are recognising the negatives of alcohol and so more people are searching for low alcohol or non-alcoholic drink alternatives.

Not only can you now buy non-alcoholic beers and wines, there is a bigger range of non-alcoholic drinks aimed at grown-ups.

Club Soda Guide have a list of the best low and no alcohol drinks and where to find them. They give advice on all types of drinks and bars for the mindful drinker. You can even nominate a bar that you know to be added to their guide.

Any decent supermarket will now stock a range of these drinks.

As well as this, there are more people being creative with mocktails. So why not try making your own? Invite your friends over to see who can make the best mocktail or get creative with the family. There is lots of information available to give you inspiration with these.

Bars are also stocking a bigger range of these drinks. They have seen the popularity increasing so, next time you’re there, look at what’s available.

If the bar you go to doesn’t have a good range, don’t be afraid to ask for it. If the owners know there is interest then they will stock it.


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