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CrossFit is described as ‘ Constantly Varied’ as no 2 sessions will ever be the same, keeping your body and mind constantly improving to adapt to the new stimulus.We have open gym where you can just come along and work on a particular skill, or a class that is a structured hour long programme encompassing a warm up, strength and skill and then a WOD.

‘Across Broad time and Model Domains’ CrossFit is the only exercise regime which has a accurate scientific approach to recording your progress and ensuring you are progressing in your fitness. We monitor this for all of our athletes and aim to keep you progressing in you!

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For more information about this activity, please contact Healthy Sandwell.

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Crossfit Rudis

Bagnall Street, Tipton, West Bromwich, UK

A bare bones facility bringing the Sport of Fitness to Sandwell.

We are a fitness based community consisting of athletes from all walks of life. The workouts are scaled to suit your personal capabilities, ensuring you get the most from every session.

When asked what is the best way to sum up the experience you will find at CrossFit Rudis we can simplify to just three words Professional, Passion and Community.

For more information, please visit the CrossFit Rudis website.

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